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  * This is the ParticipateInProgram APP *

ParticipateInProgram.com Application  is for participants in a substance abuse screening program to monitor their compliance, to pay for their program, share drug test results with their agency and others. Participants can download the cell phone app without cost. The participant enrolls use agency code numbers provided by their agency.
By enrolling the agency number into the app to associate the participant with his agency, the participant agrees that his agency will receive participant’s drug screen results.

Once enrolled the participant will receive a personal unique personal ID number that ties the participant to participateinprogram.com.

The app contains locations for the participant to take tests, a copy of receipt for payment a copy of the most recent drug test and an authorization for to show the collector at the collection site to complete his test.

If a test is not negative the driver will be contacted talk to a is a certified Medical Review Officer to see if he has a legitimate reason to have a the substance in the body such as a doctor prescription. Test results will be either negative or positive Drugs tested for are shown on the dashboard on the app.


ParticipateInProgram.app FEATURES....

  • Certificate Of Drug & Alcohol Program Enrollment with the participants Agency
  • Last Drug Test Results
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Collection Sites
  • Agency To Receive Test Results
  • Other people the participants wants to share his drug testing program
  • ParticipateInProgram and Agency Drug-Alcohol Program Rules
  • My Contact Info
  • Make A Payment
  • Much More...

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